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In-Studio Program Explained

What is the "In-Studio" Program?

AmateurPros Studios "In-Studio Program" is a revolutionary new program where models from all over the United States are invited to participate in a project 3-years in the making. The program does offer paid relocation to Flordia state (where the studio headquarters is located). This program allows models to live stream webcam broadcast using the latest studio equipment (light, cameras, sounding tech, and more...) all while earning top cam-model commissions. However, this is not just webcam!


This is also an opportunity to feature in exclusive content produced by AmateurPros Studios and its studio network (a co-op of producers, directors, and other production agencies partnered with AmateurPros Studios). This provides you with additional income-generating opportunities, allowing you (the model) to be truly profitable. But there's more...


Models who participate in this program also get to participate in all studio functions such as accompanying the studio to Exotic, XBIZ Awards, the AVN's, and More!

Our Studio is dedicated to improving the adult entertainment industry while providing high-quality adult content, in most genres, via every method available to the industry, all while maintaining professionalism and a sense of better business practices within the industry. It is our ambition to continue expanding, providing services in adult content production, webcam studio modeling, adult web development, adult content distribution, and adult modeling management services to name a few.


Our studio company currently owns and operates one of the more reputable studio webcam companies in the nation. Additionally, we own our own webcam platform and video distribution platform, along with several managed model exclusive website platforms. When it comes to the adult entertainment industry we don't mess around. Our "In-Studio Model Program" is a testament to this.


This revolutionary program is designed to provide a safe and productive work environment for qualified and approved webcam models and adult entertainers. Relocation is offered at no cost to the models who have been thoroughly vetted and approved. AmateurPros Studios is a fully licensed and insured productions studio (webcam studio) based out of Florida state (USA). Because of our professional status, we are more prominent than other studios in this particular industry. 


Studio models who participate in our "In-Studio Program" are classified as 1099-misc ("live-in") Contractors. Income is earned from featuring in live webcam broadcast (commission-based earnings), in addition to the income earned from direct sales of content produced with AmateurPros Studios on a variety of adult platforms, including one specifically designed for you, the model (at no additional cost to you). 


Keep reading to learn how our studio selection process works and how we ensure you (the model) are branded, promoted, and marketed to increase your earning potential and built your career in the adult entertainment industry...

Our Studio Environment

Our Studio Environment Offers the Following:

  • State of the Art Equipment ~

    Our studio offers the most up-to-date state of the art equipment for webcamming and content production. Utilizing every tool in our inventory to ensure that the content we produce is only the very best and sexiest.

  • Dorm-Style Living Arrangement ~

    Our studio operates out of a residential split-level loft in Northeast Florida. This split-level feature allows us to get camera angles and perspectives that are not normally obtainable. Additionally, the dorm-style feature ensure safety and efficiency, meaning you never feel isolated.

  • 24-Hour Cloud-Based Monitoring ~

    We understand that being in a new environment can sometime be daunting. Trust in this industry is hard earned and easily lost, which is why we leave nothing to chance when it comes to your safety or the safety of your personal belongings. You will be contentiously monitored by 24/7 cloud-base in-studio cameras which allow our studio to ensure that your safety and protection even when our staff is off location. (This does require an on-file release).

  • Humans Are Pets Best Friends ~

    Don't make it weird. We understand that pets are a part of everyday life and that some models couldn't even survive a day without them, which is why we are PET FRIENDLY! (This option is subject to term & conditions, review, and subject to case-by-case basis). Note: Under NO circumstances will pets ever be allowed to appear, feature, or be subject to filming or live stream broadcast as our studio adheres to local, state and federal laws, in addition to the rules and regulation put forth by the webcam platforms our studio partners with.

Our Studio Amenities:

  • 24-Hour Transportation ~

    If you fly, we drive. Not all of the model participating in our program have had the ability to bring their own vehicles and we understand that, which is why we provide models 24/7 transportation (up to 25 miles) no questions asked.

  • Accessible Swimming Pool ~

    Our studio is located adjacent a sizable swimming pool. The summer months in Florida and we know how important it is to stay cool, even when the content is so hot. Our pool one of the largest on the property and surrounded by sun and palm trees.

  • Comforts of Home ~

    The studio features a wide range of home comforts. In-studio laundry machine, community shower, private bathroom, designated smoking area, coffee maker, microwave, four-burner stove, and more...

  • Beaches ~

    Our studio is located 30-minutes drive from one of Florida's largest beaches. At 22 miles long, you'll have no issues experiencing one of the nicest beaches Florida has to offer.

  • Accessibility ~

    Location, location, location. A unique amenity of our studio is its location in relation to several grocery stores, shopping centers, coffee shops and even the mall, most of which are within walking distance.

  • Drug-Free Working Environment ~

    We understand that this industry is not for the faint of heart and that the work sex-workers do can be stressful. We offer a stress-free, drug-free working environment. Certain states have approved certain substances (which our studio may permit on a case-by-case basis, in addition to medication prescribed by a physician. However, 99.8% of drugs deemed elicit or illegal are not permitted in our studio or to be used by our contracted models. (If you have specific questions regarding our drug-free policies, please feel free to contact us directly).

Studio Program Details

Recruitment Process:

  • Complete and Submit "Employment Questionnaire - In-Studio Webcam Modeling" -

    Which you can find in the menu dropdown under "Become A Model?"

  • Phone and/or Video Interview -

    Our studio management professionally conducts phone and/or video interviews with prospective models. These interviews can take place before or after a model has submitted a "Employment Questionnaire" however, an interview must take place prior to being invited to apply for this oppertuntiy.

  • Completing And Submitting the Model Application -

    The "Model Application" is offer by invitation only and may only be received after the model has submitted an "Employment Questionnaire."

  • Complete and Submit the Model Contract Packet -

    This program requires models to be signed under a "non-exclusive" model contract. The nature of the "non-exclusivity" clause is to allow the model to work outside (with other studios, agencies, producers, directors, or entities) the studio. Models are classified as "dedicated" models with regard to webcam, but may participate in other project outside AmateurPros Studios (terms & conditions apply). This capability is offered as a way to further assist the model in maximizing their profitability.

*Models will be provided one-weeks meals (meal compensation) upon arrival to the studio. Once the first week (8-day period) has concluded models will be responsible for providing their own meals. 

*Models are permitted via contract to work with other studios, producers, or agencies outside of AmateurPros Studios, only if the model has appropriate notice to the studio prior to the project start date (5-day minimum). Models who do not provide sufficient notice will be deemed in violation of their contract. 

Model Requirments:

  • Duties -

    Models will commit to one of two tracks:

    Track One: odels will perform via live webcam broadcast (webcam) solo "non-partnered" - meaning by themselves with no involvement from other contract studio models.

    Track Two: Models will perform via live webcam broadcast (webcam) "partnered" - meaning with other contracted studio models.

    Depending on the the need and availability of the studio, the studio may only be hiring for a specified track at the time your questionnaire is submitted. If this happens to be the case, a studio representive will contact you via text, call or email to notify you as to the specific opportunities we are hiring for at that time.

  • Working Hours -

    Work will be conducted in schedule shift ranging from 2-8 hours per day (not to exceed 8-hour shifts), with most shifts lasting no more than 6 working hours. Scheduled work days may range from 3-5 days a week, with three shifts slotted as described above. Ample downtime is required and will be schedule appropriately between all shifts. The work week may be divided depending on the needs of the studio.

  • Availability -

    Models contracted with the studio are required to preform sexual acts via live streams broadcast (webcam) and/or via secondary recording devices. Due to the nature of this industry, the following sexual related acts will be required (less any negotiated accommodations with the studio should exist):

    - The use of sex toys, oral toys, nipple toys, vaginal toys, etc...

    - Sex of an Oral Nature.

    - Sex of a Vaginal or Anal Nature (deemed or classified as being void of obscenity).

    - Sex of a Fetish or Cosplay Nature (also consider sexual art).

    - Sexual Acts involving "female," "male," "trans," partners, or preformed "by-ones-self."

    These Sexual scenarios will be dictated by the "track" you wish to peruse and are contract with the studio for.

  • Responsibilities -

    It is the responsibility of all studio models to ensure the following:

    ~ Maintain appropriate hygiene.

    ~ Maintain cleanly living environment.

    ~ Models are responsible for the cost of maintaining their own feminine hygiene products.

    *~ Model are responsible for the purchase of their own food (meals).

    *~ Models are expected to provide the studio with appropriate notice for project they intend to work on outside of AmateurPros Studios.

Model Compensation Details

Webcam Compensation:

  • Webcam model wages are based off of commissions earned via live stream broadcast (webcam). These commission-based wages depend on the number of shows, length of shows, type of shows performed, show offerings, and clientele of the model's shows. Due to these factors, there is no set minimum or maximum standard, nor is there a specific amount anticipated. However, the studio does not earn income unless the model earns income. It is the studios expectation and standard to its models that the studio assist the model in achieving an income goal of around $1200 weekly. This goal is made possible by how the studio helps to brand, manage, market and network the model.

Content Compensation:

  • Models will have an opportunity to feature in select content. Content productions are broken into three profit categories:

    - Content that is produced and sold on the model specific website platform. These are considered direct sales for which the model is entitled to 100% of the income profited on their platform (minus a payment processing fee).

    - Content that is produced and sold on AmateurPros Studios "partnered and affiliated" adult website platforms. These are considered indirect sales for which AmateurPros Studios (with model consent) will post related content (featuring the model) on their "partnered or affiliated" adult website accounts. Content sales of the nature will allow AmateurPros Studios to deduct a 20% flat-rate processing fee from the total sale of the content, prior to rending the remaining profit to the model (80%).

    - Content Productions: This is where AmateurPros Studios (in some instances) will compensate the content model for production-based content the model features in (for monetary compensation, content trade, or both). NOTE: If AmateurPros Studios "purchases" content via this method, the content will belong exclusively to AmateurPros Studios.

Studio Admin Related Work:

  • Models who come into the "In-Studio" program have the ability to learn new skills! Depending on the needs of the studio, some studio related admin tasks my be compensated for at the studios discretion. This work may include the following: Productions Assistant, Video Editing, Chauffeuring, Shopping, Office Administrating, or other related functions.


  • All compensations are made payable to the model via Direct Deposit. Our studio offers weekly payouts for all earning earn the previous week (i.e.: the week prior to the current week, meaning your paid a week behind).

    NOTICE: Models are permitted to obtain work in the local area (outside the studio) on a case-by-case basis, however, work maintained outside the studio should not conflict with either the webcam schedule or the content schedule of the model.

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In Conclusion

Why work for our studio? We are professionally licensed. We genuinely care about our adult models and our industry. We offer a Rent-Free (Utility-Free) living/working environment. We offer a judgment-free, drama-free, and drug-free program with the sole purpose of building, growing, and ensuring the profitability of our models. We truly set ourselves apart from other companies in the adult entertainment industry. We are established, tried, and true. Hey, but don’t take our word for it. Fill out the questionnaire or contact our dedicated management team today! You won’t know if you don’t call. Let us be the company that helps turn your ambitions into a fruitful career. 

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